The importance of registering your church or ministry

Any Church/Ministry may choose to apply for registration in order to protect its name and beliefs. A church may see registration as a way of protecting its name from being used or misused by others. For example, if conflict within a church prompts some members to break away, one or both groups may want to establish an exclusive right to continue to use the church’s name.

We offer exclusive church administration and church registration services ensuring that the administration of the church is up to date and effective.

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NON PROFIT COMPANY (Formerly known as SECTION 21)


The income and property of a non-profit company is not distributable to its incorporators, members, directors, officers or persons relating to any of them and must be used to advance the purpose for which it was created.

A Non Profit Company resemble business oriented (for profit/Non Profit) companies in their legal structure, but do not have a share capital and cannot distribute shares or pay dividends to their members. Instead they are ‘limited by guarantee’, meaning that if the company fails, its members undertake to pay a stated amount to its creditors.


  • Minimum of 3 Directors or more (Certified ID Copies) and Foreign Nationals(Certified valid Passport Copies)
  • Maximum of 4 Proposed Names
  • It takes 5-14 working days



A Non-profit Organization is defined as: a company or other association of persons: established for a public purpose, and the income and property of which are not distributable to its members or office bearers except as reasonable compensation for services rendered. Only organization that has a constitution or any other founding document can be registered.


  • Minimum of 6 Office Bearers or more (Certified ID Copies)
  • It takes 4-14 working days for approval
  • Registration Fees

Requirements For Foreign nationals in South Africa:

  • Certified valid Passport of all Office Bearers
  • Certified valid Work Permit copies of all Office Bearers
  • Copy of Residential Address in South Africa